Angular Datatable with an Example

in this tutorial, You’ll learn How to create Angular 8/9 project and integrate jQuery DataTables using angular datatable components. The datatable is used to create feature-rich grid from an HTML table.

What’s Datatable

DataTables is a popular jQuery library to display data in grid table. The DataTables convert simple HTML table into feature-rich HTML Table with advanced options like searching, sorting, and pagination.

Datatable with Angular

We’ll go over how to establish an Angular 8 project and load the essential modules to integrate jQuery Datatables step by step in this tutorial. We’ll also use REST API HTTP calls to load dynamic data from the server end into jQuery DataTables.

Let’s create an angular 8/9 application, to create an app you need to use angular CLI, if you don’t have it yet, Please install using the below command:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Please make sure that you have Node 8.9 or higher and NPM 6 or higher version to create Angular project.

You can check the Node version by using node --version and npm --version.

Create Fresh Angular 9 Application

We’ll make a new Angular 8 project to display records using DataTables. Using the following command, we will create the angular datatables project.

ng new datatables_example

Install Dependencies

Let’s go to the project folder and installed the required jQuery DataTables dependencies.

Import jQuery DataTables and CSS Files

We’ll import CSS and JS libraries into the angular.json file after successfully installing jQuery Datatables and related files.

Add Dependencies in Angular Application

We will add dependencies into app.module.ts file.

Create HTTP Request to Load Data into Datatable

Let’s add DataTables modules into app.componenet.ts file.

Display Records in DataTables in Angular 8

Modify app.component.html file to display records in DataTables. We will loop through postData object to bind data into table.


You learned how to install Angular 8 CLI and start a new Angular 8 project in this brief tutorial. You’ve learned how to use Angular DataTable components to combine jQuery DataTables with an Angular 8 project. Please feel free to remark if you have any questions or recommendations.

Originally published at on April 3, 2022.




Hey, I am Parvez Alam. A software developer since 2009. I am a programming addict. I love learning and sharing knowledge.

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Parvez Alam

Parvez Alam

Hey, I am Parvez Alam. A software developer since 2009. I am a programming addict. I love learning and sharing knowledge.

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