HTML Parser Python Using BeautifulSoup —

This tutorial help to create an HTML parse script using python. We’ll use BeautifulSoup python module for the HTML parser.

I’m seeking a Python HTML Parser package that will allow me to extract tags as Python lists/dictionaries/objects.

The following is my HTML code:

We need to figure out how to get to the nested tags using the name or id of the HTML tag, so that I can extract the content/text from the div tag with class=’container’ within the body tag, or anything similar.

What’s BeautifulSoup

Beautiful Soup is a Python package for parsing HTML and XML files and extracting data. It integrates with your preferred parser to offer fluent navigation, search, and modification of the parse tree. It is normal for programmers to save hours or even days of effort.

Install package

Let’s install packages:

Python script
Let’s create a python script to parse HTML data. We ll find div text which has a ‘container’ class.


How to Find by CSS selector

BeautifulSoup provides us select() and select_one() methods to find by css selector. The select() method returns all the matching elements whereas select_one(): returns the first matching element.

Output :

Originally published at on December 7, 2021.



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