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This article will show you how to integrate Okta login capabilities into an AngularJS application. I couldn’t find any information on how to use angularjs 1.6 to develop an okta authentication app.

The okta stated that they did not support angularjs app, You need to use VanillaJS to add support with okta.

What is Okta?

  • Authenticate and authorize your users
  • Store data about your users
  • Perform password-based and social login
  • Secure your application with multi-factor authentication

What’s Okta JavaScript SDK

The Pre-Requisites:

Create Angularjs applicationApp

cd > hello-ang/

Create a main.js file and paste the below code into his folder:

install http-server package here for developement server:
$hello-ang> npm install -g http-server

Create and Configure a New Okta applicationApp

Navigate to Applications in the sidebar navbar and then click Create Application button.

Now select OpenID and SPA as the platform and click Next.

Enter app_name, sign-in and sign-out redirect UI.

Finally, ensure that Login redirect URIs contains http://localhost:8080 and click Done.

User Authentication Using Okta

Get Okta App Details

Configure Angularjs app

Replace oktadomain and client-id with your app details.

Start app

$hello-ang>http-server -o You will get the below page:

Originally published at https://www.phpflow.com on November 13, 2021.



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