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What is Okta?

Okta is a cloud service that allows developers to create, edit, and securely store user accounts and data, as well as connect them to one or more apps. You can use our API to do the following:

  • Authenticate and authorize your users
  • Store data about your users
  • Perform password-based and social login
  • Secure your application with multi-factor authentication

What’s Okta JavaScript SDK

Auth.js is a library wrapper for the Okta Authentication API. Use it when you need complete control of your sign in experience, or use the Okta Sign-In Widget for a pre-built, customizable experience

The Pre-Requisites:

Create Angularjs applicationApp

Let’s create an angular js application, I have created a hello-ang/ app folder into the workspace.

Create and Configure a New Okta applicationApp

Let’s Create a app into developer console.I assumed, You have developer account and logged in.

User Authentication Using Okta

Let’s walk you through adding user authentication to your angularjs or JavaScript app.

Get Okta App Details

Open app details page from okta developer dashboard, Copy okta client-id and okta domain name from here:

Configure Angularjs app

We will paste above details into main.js file:

Start app

Your HTTP server should startup. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080.



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